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C18 Fleet

The C18 Fleet Captain manages the three C18s that comprise the fleet. The C stands for Catalina Yachts, the boat manufacturer, and 18 stands for 18 feet, the length of the boat.  Our biggest and most stable sailboat is the Catalina 18’. Fleet-Certified Skippers have access to all three of them, all year. With two sails, and the most ballast, it requires advanced sailing skills. A test of competency is required for Skipper Certification applicants. All regular Club members are allowed 4 outings in the Adult Sailing Program (it runs from Memorial Day – Labor Day, on Thursdays, 4-6 pm). To continue sailing after 4 outings, a Crew Membership is mandatory. If you prefer private lessons, professional sailing instruction is available (see below). To join the Fleet, Certified Skippers pay a one-time initiation fee of $250, and annual dues of $156 per family. Crew Members pay no initiation; just annual dues of $156 per family. Send check for full payment to:To become a family member of the fleet the one-time initiation fee is $250 and annual dues are $156.  These are payable to the C18 Fleet Treasurer, Tom Yendes, 1336 N Moorpark Road, #247, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. 

Anyone is welcome to join the fleet and sailing lessons are available, for a fee, to earn skipper certification.  To sail on your own as skipper one must learn not only to sail the boat proficiently but also how to handle all other aspects of the boat on their own, such as opening up, docking, closing, stowing all sails and lines and preparing for inclement weather. You can obtain skipper certification from the WYC sailing instructor. For sailing lessons or to become certified, use this REGISTRATION LINK and select private sailing lessons.  Further information can be found in the C-18 fleet Skipper Certification and Governing Rules.  Also, here is a link to the current C18 Charter.

Once a Member joins the fleet and is certified, the member can use a boat at any time or enter as a skipper in a WYC regatta. To participate in a regatta, the member must email the fleet captain and the fleet one week prior to the regatta to request use of a boat. If one is not yet a skipper, they can always volunteer to crew.

For more information, please contact the C18 Fleet Captain (Interim), Bruce Fleck via our Contact Form.