RS Tera Fleet at WYC

Westlake Yacht Club is building an RS Tera fleet as a part of its sailing program. We will have 10 boats on the dock by the end of 2018. This a fast and exciting 21st century 9-foot-long single-hander that looks and handles like a Laser and makes young sailors want to come back for more.  From entry level to international competition the Tera gets kids really involved with sailing. It’s packed with features that make sailing safe and easy. It comes up dry from a capsize. It’s quick and simple to rig by youngsters, and it’s tough. Two sail sizes mean small novices and experienced teenagers love the Tera equally, so parents do too. Above all, the emphasis is on fun afloat while building incredible sailing experiences.  These boats are available for use on our lake, for day sails or Regattas, to all our Yacht Club Members, Jr. Sailing Members and visiting sailors that participate in our Regattas.

To join or try out a Tera, contact the Rear Commodore via our Contact Form, for a check-out sail to ensure you can safely handle the boat.