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The Westlake Lake Management Association manages the lake and all rules and regulations are established by the association.  Rules for boats on the lake are as follows:

No boat that exceeds eighteen feet (18' 0") in overall length or exceeds eight feet six, inches (8' 6") in maximum beam, may be on the Lake. Exceptions are: (a) work boats of Westlake Lake Management Association "WLMA" and of WLMA authorized work contractors, and (b) rowing shells which may exceed the eighteen foot (18' 0") limitation at the written approval of WLMA.

Prohibited completely from the Lake are multi-hulled sailboats, inflatable boats or rafts, wind-surfers, surfboards, jet-skis, motor surfers, standup paddleboards and water skiers. Any such illegal category of watercraft or activity on the Lake will be considered an immediate safety hazard under the Rules.

All power boats must be electrically propelled except for those used by WLMA, any approved boat service concessionaire licensed by WLMA, and the Westlake Yacht Club patrol boat involved with regattas and other sailing activities.

Then & Now

Westlake YC 1968
In 1968, Ludwig formed and initially controlled Westlake Lake Management (WLMA), a nonprofit California corporation, to ultimately own and manage the lake.  In 1974, Ludwig turned over all membership and control of WLMA to area homeowners and a commercial property owner adjacent the lake, and transferred ownership of Westlake Lake to WLMA.

Ludwig had set up WLMA's membership structure to consist of over 1300 members when development was built out – compromised of the homeowners owning property in seven residential districts laid out around the lake including on the island, and one commercial district called the The Landing.  Each of these eight districts is represented on the WLMA Board of Representatives which consists of 33 members.  The Board also works with the leadership of the seven homeowners association governing the residential districts around the lake.  Over 1300 homes front on or have ready access to the lake within the seven districts; many of the residents own electric or sailboats for recreational use or fishing.

Lake Management Info
Lake Management Info
Westlake Lake Management Association
32353 West Triunfo Canyon Road
Westlake Village, California 91361
(818) 889-5377
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