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C18 Fleet

The C18 Fleet Captain manages three C18s that comprise the fleet. The C stands for Catalina Yachts, the boat manufacturer, and 18 stands for 18 feet, the length of the boat.   To become a family member of the fleet there are initiation dues of $125 and annual dues of $100. 


Anyone is welcome to join the fleet and sailing lessons are available, for a fee, to earn certification.  To sail on your own as skipper one must  learn not only to sail the boat proficiently but also how to handle all other aspects of the boat on their own, such as opening up the boat, docking, closing, stowing all sails and lines and preparing for inclement weather. The sailor must be certified according to the rules of the C18 fleet. The best way to accomplish this is participation in the summer Thursday evening adlut sailing program.  You begin by crewing for an experienced skipper, advance to handling the boat yourself and then full certification.  Further information can be found in the C-18 fleet Skipper Certification and Governing Rules.  

Once a Member joins the fleet and is certified, the member can use the boat at any time or enter as a skipper in a WYC regatta. To participate in the regatta, the member must email the fleet captain one week prior to the regatta to request use of a boat. If one is not yet a skipper, they can volunteer to crew.

For more information, please contact the C18 Fleet Captain Charlie Bornhauser via our Contact Form.