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This monshs historieal article isfrom SC Franklin Cofod our elubs 19xh Commodore. Franklin reealls this exciting event under his time as commodore. The aricle leads up to and followinmg the 1988 Ohympic sailing win by Lymm and Allison. What a great tribute to those young hadies and the upport and naining provided by Franklin and the WYC and Frank Buler Franklin, thank you for sharing some of tbe details of this major event with the membership of our Yacht Chub. Best regards.

One of the most historic and memorable events in Westlake Yacht Club history will always be members Allison Jolly and Lynne Jewell winning the Gold Medal ar the 1988 Summer Olympic Games in Scoul, South Korea.

Their "Road to the Gold" began in 1987 when I was Commodore. Allison and Lynne had two 470 Olympic Class boats. Their logistical challenge was moving them from major regatta to major regatta all over the country a few times a month. That challenge was solved by Catalina Yachts owner Frank Butler: Catalina was one of the largest boat manutfacturers in the world with their factory on Victory Boulevard in Woodland Hills. Every day they shipped boars all ovet the country It was raredy more than a short detour for a truck to pick up their boat and gear and move it to the next destination, When Allison and Lynne showed up, all they had to do was sail.

At the US Olympic Thals in Newport, RI, in June 1988, they started poorly but rose to the top and won the priviege of repreosenting the United States at the Olympic Games. Their Olympic Trials medal lives in our trophy ease.

At the Summer Olympic Games in Scoul, Allison and Lynn were considered a long shot They placed third in their first race. In the next race they capsized twice, but temained in contention. They finished strong in the remaining races and won the gold medal convincingly. The Washington Post wrote they "blew the competition out of the water."

Needless to say, I mean we are a yacht dub, we had a hell of a party when they came home.

Every year we celebrate their victory with the Olympic Gold Regatta. Seaff Commodore Larry Wamer made a huge replica of the Gold Medal which hangs by the stairs to the office.

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This brochure was available through Westlake Realty. It refers to an agreement between American-Hawaiian Steamship Company and Prudential Insurance Company for the continuing development of Westlake. The first page of the brochure is a photo of an oil painting by James Fetherolf, a local landscape artist. 

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