Westlake Yacht Club


Jr. Staff Commodore, Carol Kirschbaum
Secretary, Gerrie O’Meara
Treasurer, Allan Rosenthal
Port Captain, Bob McLarty
Fleet Captain, S/C Bob Amenta
House Captain, Steve Finnerty
Judge Advocate, Jeffrey Hausman

S/C Chris Chigaridas
Joe Baumbach
Mitch Freedman
Dave Freeman
Larry Lutz
Andrea McCabe
S/C Don Meyer
Bill Ries
S/C Sal Scarpato
Chet Schreiber
Judy Trester

Fleet Captains
Bluewater Fleet, Pat Adams
C-14 Fleet, Gary Hughes
C-18 Fleet,  Jim Renshall
FriendShip Fleet, Linda Somdal
Kayak Fleet, Cynthia Hughes
Nautical Fleet, Rose McLarty
Staff Commodores
Dick Bear, 1969*
Sam George, 1970*
Jim Holder, 1971
Dan Kinney,1972*
Jack Schwartz, 1973**
Sid Drasnin, 1974*
Art Shaw, 1975**
Park Irvine, 1976*
Hal Poett, 1977*
Ken Dalbeck, 1978
Bill Hansen, 1979*
Phil Archbold, 1980*
Omar Slater, 1981*
Herb Buswell, 1982*
Ray Stonecipher, 1983**
John Kapus, 1984*
Scott Vandenberg, 1985
Gene Morrow, 1986
Franklin Cofod, 1987
Marge Wilson, 1988**
Vic Pollard, 1989*
Bill Patton, 1990
Ron Hine, 1991**
Larry Warner, 1992
Peg Hansen, 1993*
Don Meyer, 1994
Paul Artof, 1995
Fred Reed, 1996*
Jerry Schneider, 1997
Wilma Rosenberg, 1998
Richard O’Linn, 1999**
Chris Chigaridas, 2000
Ray Colesworthy, 2001
Susan Artof, 2002
Bob Holloway, 2003*
Roger Weisman, 2004*
Michael Singer, 2005
Randy DeMaio, 2006
Robert Piccioni, 2007**
Kaj Sorensen, 2008
Bob Amenta, 2009
Ed Jefferson, 2010
Rob Schaefer, 2011
Brian Rackohn, 2012**
Sal Scarpato, 2013
Alan Jeffery, 2014
Melessa Lee, 2015

Frank Butler, Honorary Staff Commodore
Alice Robinson, Honorary Staff Commodore*


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International Order of the Blue Gavel

The past Commodores of WYC are known as Staff Commodores.  WYC By Laws provide that “It shall be the duty of Staff Commodores to impart their combined knowledge of Club operations and history to the present administration as a consideration that may aid them in the performance of their duties “

The Blue Gavel is an international organization of past Commodores from yacht clubs all over the world.   "The mission of the International Order of the Blue Gavel is to recognize past Commodores of the international yachting community and unite them in order to promote the highest ideals of yachting and preserve its customs and traditions through social, educational and humanitarian programs."  The WYC chapter of the Blue Gavel is one of the most active chapters in Southern California.  Currently, all of the active WYC Staff Commodores are members of the Blue Gavel.

WYC Blue Gavel Members

Sr. S/C – Gene Morrow and First Lady Dee
S/C – Franklin Cofod and First Lady Natalie
S/C – Bill Patton and First Lady Bonnie
S/C – Don Meyer and First Lady Gina
S/C – Paul Artof and First Lady Susan
S/C – Jerry Schneider
S/C – Wilma Rosenberg
S/C – Chris Chigaridas and First Lady Debbie
S/C – Susan Artof and First Gentleman Paul
S/C – Mike Singer and First Lady Penny
S/C – Randy DeMaio and First Lady Jan
S/C – Kaj Sorensen and First Lady Lori
S/C – Bob Amenta and First Lady Carol
S/C – Ed Jefferson and First Lady Karen
S/C – Rob Schaefer and First Lady Alex
S/C – Sal Scarpato and First Lady Mitty
S/C – Alan Jeffery and First Lady Rose
S/C -- Melessa Lee