C14 Fleet
C14.2 Fleet at WYC


C14 Fleet

The C14.2 Fleet (One Design Fleet) of the Westlake Yacht Club is established pursuant to the Westlake Yacht Club By-Laws.

Membership in this fleet offers access to seven Capri 14.2 sailboats to adult and junior Members.  The C14.2 is a stable, one-design sailing dinghy with two sails and capacity for 1-3 sailors. With 2 sails, it requires greater sailing skills.  Due to its light weight, it offers excitement in moderate winds and mobility in very light winds.   Members may use the boats on Westlake and for representing the WYC in races at other Southern California Yacht Clubs.  Annual dues are $100/pp.  To join or try out a C-14, contact the Fleet Captain Doug Larratt at 818-456-2969 or through our Contact Form for a check-out sail to ensure you can safely handle the boat.

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