Opti Fleet
Optimist Fleet
Opti FleetWestlake Yacht Club is proud to offer Opti’s a part of its sailing program.  Opti’s today are one of the most popular dinghies in the world with in excess of 200,00 dinghies registered. Opti’s are a small, single handed dinghy sailed by children often up to the age of 15.  Opti’s are a hugely competitive fleet at the top level, with many Olympic medalists having raced the boat (at London 2012 79% of the sailing competitors had raced Optimists, and 20 of the 24 medalists had raced them).

It is also a great boat for young children, as its design is stable, easily right-able after a capsize, and it is relatively simple to rig. We have 3 Opti’s in our fleet.  These are available for use on our lake, for pleasure or Regattas to all our Yacht Club Members, Jr. Sailing Members and visiting sailors that participate in our Regattas at no charge.